• Ottawa Painting Tips

    Posted on June 9, 2013 by in painters ottawa

    I recently had my house painted, and although the entire process went off without a hitch, there was definitely some points I’d like to make regarding the process of hiring a good Ottawa painting company. These will hopefully help you with your next painting project, whether it is interior or exterior, and even if you’re thinking of doing it yourself which many people do.

    First, definitely get various quotes from recognized businesses. It is definitely much cheaper to hire someone off Kijiji or CraigsList, but you ultimately get what you pay for. These fly-by-night painters rarely have references and almost certainly do not have any business insurance. Without any insurance, if someone falls off a ladder at your place painting a ledge, you are 100% responsible for any injuries they sustain and can get yourself in a lot of trouble. Suffice to say, we definitely recommend making sure you go with painting companies that can prove they have insurance and even more so, positive reviews from recent satisfied customers.

    Secondly, make sure you make all the necessary arrangements so that painters in Ottawa can actually get the job done by the deadline you specified. I’ve talked to many local painting contractors who find it annoying when they get to a room intending to get it done in one day and there are three piano’s in it and it delays their entire schedule. If you expect the work to be completed on time, it’s not too much to have the room ready to be painted. This can mean either moving everything out into the hall and covered with an old sheet, or even just the centre of the room. As long as it doesn’t delay the painters – they are there to paint, not move your stuff!